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In Wildstar, I have seen that there are some housing items that can only be gotten through so called Boom Boxes. I read online that they where given out in the Open Beta, but what about now? How can I get one and can I get them regularly? I also read that Deluxe Owners would get them, but I could not find this offer in the NC Soft Store on the Upgrade option for Wildstar.

Can someone please clarify?

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Boom-Boxes are items that can be obtained once per day. The contents of Boom-Boxes are randomly generated and can range from anything like Mounts and Mount Customization Sets, to Costumes, Dyes, or Crafting Materials.

Boom-Boxes can now only be obtained by playing on the Wildstar test server (PTR) when Carbine is requesting for assistance in testing a new feature. They will announce what days are eligible to be earning Boom-Boxes on their forums and what activity they would like you to participate in (Examples: Daggerstone Pass, Blighthaven Quests). Unfortunately there is no set days where you can earn Boom-Boxes, it is based entirely off of Carbine's announcements.

In regards to Deluxe Owners getting Boom-Boxes, I believe they are referring to that if you pre-order you got access to the beta, which gave you 3 Boom-Boxes per day of logging on.

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