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I'm playing League of Legends on Mac OSX Mavericks.

For self-casting, rather than Alt + Q, I'd like cmd + Q.

So I go to key bindings and try to set it. But when it asks me to type the key combination, I can't, because this is OS X' shortcut for closing the foreground app - when I press it, LoL thinks I'm trying to close the game.

How can I set self casting for the Q skill with cmd?

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What you obviously have to do is disabling the cmd + Q command. Otherwise you will close the application every time you want to smartcast your Q.

The official forums have a guide on how to disable it on OSX. The good thing with this method: you will still be able to use cmd + Q in all your other applications if you wish so.

Now for changing the Key Bindings: I'd suggest you do it in-game with the normal keybindings menu. otherwise you can find a file called input.ini in Contents/LOL/Config. There you can change the keybindings by assigning different values to the variables.

Here you can find the default values and examples for the input.ini file.

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