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With the new industry changes to eve online, what can one expect to see as the "base" cost for research at a player owned starbase in a relatively non-busy system for these activities?

  • Copying
  • Invention
  • Time research
  • Material research
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As it is, the base price is the same, whether in a POS or in station. The difference in prices is due to NPC taxes (flat +10% cost, not reduced by standings).

The main difference between station industry and POS industry is not the job prices, but the material reduction when stacking industry-related POS modules. (Up to 15% materials reduction for SuperCaps, to 27% reduction for small ships. The rest of the max reduction value is between those two.) [See EDIT]

More accurate info may be found in the Dev Blogs: read them all.

[EDIT] Found more information in the Crius v1 patch note:

Assembly Arrays have been overhauled:

  • All assembly arrays now have a 2% material reduction to manufactured products (except for the Drug laboratory, Subsystem System Array, Rapid Equipment Assembly Array and Supercapital Assembly Array). Assembly Arrays will keep their 25% time reduction.
  • Advanced Assembly arrays no longer 10% have material waste. They now all have 2% material reduction like their regular counterparts. Rapid Equipment Array material waste now is 5% instead of 20%.

A Thukker Component Assembly Array has been introduced:

  • It gives a 25% reduction in manufacturing time and 10% reduction in required materials.
  • Can only build Capital Construction Components and Advanced Capital Construction Components.

Source: Dev Blog: Industry prices revamp in Crius
Source: Dev Blog: POS revamp in Crius

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