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I have no clue, I like crits with the normal wrench, but the bleeding on the Southern Hospitality is awesome with spies. I like the faster build time with the Jag, although I think it should also add metal for upgrading on in increments of 50 instead of 25. And if I had a golden wrench, I'd use that all the time.

However, there can only be one.

Which is the best wrench? (Not counting the gunslinger)

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Hi, and welcome to gaming.stackexchange. This would be a better question if you make your question less subjective; rather than asking "which is the best wrench", how about editing your question to "Which is the best wrench for X", where X is the situation you most often find yourself in. As is, "best" is completely subjective, and you're likely to get your question closed because of it. – Raven Dreamer Mar 10 '11 at 23:06

The Jag's build time increase doesn't really affect the sentry gun build time all that much and doesn't affect upgrading at all. It helps somewhat when you move a level 3 sentry. It clearly helps when building Dispensers and Teleporters, but most of the time, that's not really useful.

The Southern Hospitality is useful for locating Dead Ringer spies, but the amount of bleed damage it does is not a good replacement for the Wrench's ~20% crit rate IMO.

All the non-Gunslinger wrenches appear to have around the same crit rate.

Therefore, my preferred non-GS wrench is the standard Wrench on normal servers, Southern Hospitality on nocrit servers.

grumble missed Golden Wrench 63 by 1 second grumble

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Melee weapons start with 15% crit, fwiw. – Raven Dreamer Mar 11 '11 at 3:47

Personally, I'd discard the jag. Sure, the faster building sounds good, but a level 1 sentry won't stop most classes, and the jag doesn't speed up your upgrading, which is where 80% or so of the setup time really goes. Additionally, the other two wrenches are rather useful melee weapons, but the jag suffers that damage penalty, forcing you to use your shotgun/pistol.

That leaves us with the southern hospitality and the normal wrench. So, is the bleeding worth the loss of random crits and fire vulnerability? Well, I wouldn't be that worried about fire vulnerability. You're unlikely to be killed by fire unless the pyro gets right next to you, and if he (she?) manages that, then you're dead anyway, regardless of which wrench you pick. The flare gun might be a bigger problem with the SH, but if you've got a dispenser nearby it shouldn't matter that much.

So, it comes down to this. Random crits, or additional bleed damage? Personally, I'd go for the bleed damage. Random crits are nice, but the wrench/SH does enough damage without it, and the bleed damage helps in revealing spies, plus it can force enemies to retreat for a health pack (while you use your pistol/shotgun on them). However, you can't really go wrong with either of them, just so long as you manage to connect. :)

Hope this helps!

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It depends on your Playstyle. I assume, that you and youre Teammate Spycheck properly, so just forget the SH - give the Spy some Shotgun loads instead. That leaves us with the Jag and the normal Wrench. Which of the 2 you use depends on your playstyle. If you have to play Really Aggressive (for example as attacking engie) you should use the Jag. Otherwise the normal Wrench is allways better in my Oppinion - simply because its the "Allrounder".

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