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I recently moved, and during the move I packed up my XBox 360, recovered my gamertag on my brother's XBox 360, and played there. I only now got my own place, and so I unpacked my own XBox. My brother created a USB storage device on his machine, copied my games over to it, then emailed them to me.

So I've got an XBox directory with four files, Data0000, Data0001, Data0002, and Data0003 on it. How can I turn this into something my XBox can read? I tried creating a storage device and overriding the Data000x files on it with these, but that doesn't seem to work (it just asks to reformat it when I plug it in to the XBox).

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Did you try this not moving Data0000 and Data0001? Those files are apparently used for system settings and things like that and may be causing problems when you overwrite them on your device. Also, if your devices aren't formatted exactly the same, it's possible it won't work the same either as these files probably have some kind of security on them. – Doozer Blake Mar 15 '11 at 15:08
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you can't copy the files your brother did send to you because of the xbox 360's filesystem. This is why when you plug the usb on the console format it. You have to ask your brother to give you the original usb key with the save game on it:D!

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You need the original USB from the xbox and plug it back into your current xbox go to the memory section and restore

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