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I can see current challenges (a specific number of kills for a specific weapon) and their bonuses when I access the challenges screen but I'd like to find a comprehensive list. Does this list exist yet?

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In general, there are XP rewards for a certain number of kills with each weapon and there are attachment rewards for a certain number of kills. Attachment rewards are only for primary weapons. Listed below (from this page) are the XP rewards and the attachment reward levels:

XP Rewards:

Certified: 5 Kills - 250 XP

Novice: 15 Kills – 300 XP

Adept: 25 Kills – 500 XP

Specialist: 50 Kills - 1000 XP

Marksman: 75 Kills – 2000 XP

Veteran: 100 Kills - 2000 XP

Sharpshooter: 150 Kills – 3000 XP

Expert: 200 Kills – 5000 XP


Holo Scope: 5 kills

Shotgun: 15 kills

Silencer: 25 kills

Red Dot Sight: 50 kills

Grenade Launcher: 75 kills

ACOG Scope: 100 kills

Airburst Launcher: 150 kills

EMP Launcher: 200 kills

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