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I'm using an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows to play Ashes Cricket 2009. I figured out the controls except that I don't understand how to take a catch.

Let's say I'm on the fielding side. When the ball is in the air and a fielder running to take the catch, the camera moves behind the fielder, a circle is drawn around the ball, and "E" is shown on the screen. This means that pressing E on keyboard would take the catch (I didn't try it though). But I don't understand what I should press on the Xbox controller. I tried several buttons, but couldn't figure it out.

Anyone knows how to take the catch?

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"E" means Enter, so press the Enter key to catch.

You should also know that there's a specific time you should press it. You'll see a circle higlighting the ball in three different colors: Red, orange and green.

If you press when it's red, you'll definitely drop the catch. If it is orange, you may or may not catch. If it's green, this is the right time to press enter to win the catch!

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Press the "A" button on your Xbox 360 controller to take a catch when the timing is ok..

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