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There are a ton of bad reviews for black ops multiplayer on PC. Many of the reviews make it sound un-playable because of frame jumps, high latency, and performance problems.

I know the publisher has acknowledged the problem but has there been any patches or updates released to correct these bugs?

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I've never had any problems with the multiplayer to start with, but the seventh patch has just been released and the developers do really care about bugs in MP. What your particular experience will be, I cannot say. – DrFish Mar 28 '11 at 10:00
Good shout Bora, the devs are clearly working their arses off to get this fixed. I just annoys me that a game so buggy has become one of the best selling games of all time :( – Craig Pilgrim Mar 28 '11 at 20:31

This question seems a little subjective but I can give you my experience of the game and see if it helps.

I have owned Black Ops on PC from day one and its never been right. The first two weeks were completely unplayable because of the game choking and lagging whenever got anything got the slightest bit busy (this was true of both single and multiplayer amazingly). The single player was fixed after a couple of weeks and at the same time the multiplayer was significantly improved (for me). However it still suffered from the occasional lag problem until I uninstalled it out of frustration about a week ago. A couple of friends who also played it with me were still complaining that the patches had done little or nothing to help their gameplay experience (this is why I suggested the question might be a little subjective - due to exactly what hardware you are using to run the game).

Last night I played MW2 on the xbox and it was a completely different level of smoothness and it was a joy to play in comparison (even though i sucked).

I hope this helps

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Check the dates of the reviews. When the game came out there were some serious performance issues. They've made a lot of progress on most fronts though and the game should certainly be playable at least on most reasonably up to date machines.

One problem which has still been lingering though is that the game is very much CPU bound. Around the same time that the game came out I picked up a brand new, high end video card. I still get graphic lag though when something big happens (for example, and enemy coming onto the screen and a fight ensuing - d'oh!). This happens despite the high end video card, screaming monitor, and ping times of < 30 ms, so I think that it really does have to do with the widely advertised CPU issues.

My CPU is a few years old, but to replace it I'd have to replace my motherboard as well and it would require me re-registering Windows, etc. and is just not worth the hassle for me right now - especially since it's still a pretty good CPU and a game like CoD:BO should run on it fine. While the game is now playable and I'm competitive, I'm still holding out hope that a soon to be released patch will clear things up completely for me.


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Current (as of May 3, 2011) version is definitely playable, although it still has network issues.

Despite of having very good internet connection and pings around 20ms, on some servers I still get tons of lag. Torpesh suggest that it might be CPU-load issue, haven't tested that yet, but I suspect it's not the only thing. On other servers in the same location, same map, same number of players and similar ping it works perfectly fine. So it must be either server related, or somehow other users' lag causes everyone to lag. Also from time to time while browsing server list CoD:BO looses connection with main CoD server and shows 0 severs on-line. Never lost connection during game though.

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