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The wiki says:

  • Jehora Jeheyu
  • Boon: Chaos
  • Cost: All Piety
  • Effect: Either death or restore full health or mana or death.
    • Success correlates to amount of remaining piety (which is 0)

What does this mean? Remaining piety will always be zero because it costs all piety. So how much would I need to restore my full health/mana? It seems that the more piety I use the larger the chance that I live, but is there a fixed "threshold" as to how much piety I should have so I won't die?

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DDWiki (Jehora_Jeheyu) suggests the following:


  • Randomly choose one of the following effects: Restore Health and Mana to Maximum / instant death.
  • Costs ALL Piety you currently have.
    • Upon acquiring this boon, Jehora
      Jeheyu will either restore your
      Health and Mana to its Maximum
      capacity, or he will kill you
      outright. If death is chosen, it is
      immediate and cannot be avoided
      through the Protection from Death
    • This boon has a chance for healing as opposed to death, roughly equal to the piety spent on the boon (all of your current piety, in other words). Therefore, if you have 60 piety when taking the boon, you have a 60% chance for a full heal, and a 40% chance for instant death.
    • Research info required: Confirm the probability mechanism.
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oh i didn't check the specific god page. thanks for that – corroded Mar 28 '11 at 9:00

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