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I've read good things in reviews about the co-op experience in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - specifically, that the puzzles change to accommodate both characters with their unique abilities.

Does playing co-op really change all the puzzles so that they require cooperation, or only a few select ones? Does this include the skull tombs? Does anything in the game change except for puzzles - for example is the combat more difficult, now that there are two gun-wielding players?

Finally, what happens when one of the characters dies?

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Here's a little gameplay comparison video. – Sadly Not Mar 28 '11 at 16:07
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I've been playing for the past week with one of my friends (over PSN, not locally) and it's tons of fun! I was sceptical when I first saw the game but it's a blast to play, and it's actually a lot more fun playing co-op than single player because you get to (and often have to) help each other out, both in combat and for the puzzles.

Most of the puzzles change to need co-operation, usually something as simple as Lara using the rope to make a bridge for Totec, or Totec throwing spears to create stepping stones and such. The skull tomb puzzles tend to be a little bit more difficult as well, as it needs two players working together. Nothing too hard, though.

Not sure if the combat scales up to be honest, but it's a little more lenient with the deaths as the other player has a few seconds to revive you. If they don't, you revive with a bit more of a delay, but it's not more than 5 or 10 seconds.

As I said, I've been playing with a friend, not strangers, but I'm sure that it would be fun either way! :)

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