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I'm playing through Dragon Age: Awakening, and I'd like to maximize my trophy collection while minimizing my play-throughs.

Is it possible to get all the trophies in one play-through? Are there any gotchas, things to watch out for, or save points I should be aware of?

To give a few examples from Dragon Age: Origins of the type of things I'm thinking of:

  • Saving before each mutually-exclusive "faction" decision can allow you to get the trophies for each choice
  • Three strategic save points at the end of the game allows you to get the Perfectionist trophy and all of the ending trophies with only an hour of backtrack.
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Might as well answer my own question. All trophies are easily gotten by completing the main story line, except for the following:


The Enduring Vigil: Make sure you get the Silverite Ore while at the Silverite Mine, as you can't return to it later.

Mutually Exclusive:

Amaranthine's Last Hope and Keeper of the Vigil: Make sure to save when the Darkspawn invade Amaranthine so you can get one trophy, then reload to get the other.

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