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Clive Handforth (the guy with a notepad for a head) appears to be a parody of something, but I'm not sure what. Simply the "it's grim up north" stereotypical Yorkshireman?

enter image description here

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Based on splattered bits' answer, I think I've remembered what I was reminded of:

The Testing of Eric Olthwaite

By Michael Palin and Terry Jones - Pythonistas.

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Spot on! Even down to the accent. Until Media Molecule makes an official statement, this is it. – splattered bits Apr 3 '11 at 16:11

I usually think of Monty Python whenever the Alliance leaders appear in the game. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with their skits/movies to know who Clive might be based on.

He does remind me a little of Eeyore.

I was just watching the latest season of The IT Crowd, when Richmond made a surprise appearance. I immediately thought of Clive Handforth. They sound and act a lot alike. I think, as the original question states, that Clive is meant to be a stereotypical gloomy Yorkshireman. Having never been to England, and knowing nothing of the culture or country, this is only a guess.

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