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Probably a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone has played AprQ2 lately, a decent Quake 2 engine. I liked this one because a high-resolution texture pack was available and it compiled and ran well on my Fedora 14 x64 system.

However, I am experiencing a game-breaking bug with the latest build:

Saving games simply does not work! I go to save my game, I get no error messages, but when I go to load there is nothing there. The above referenced build is not from the original maintainer, but apparently he abandoned the project. Now I started to debug the issue a bit, but before I invest more time I just wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing the same issue.

It is not a permissions problem. Apparently a 'current' save game file is always maintained, and when the player wants to save the game the current file is copied to the new save game (e.g. save1). I think the 'current' save file is created, but never successfully copied.

I am also trying to contact the maintainer to get his/her input (not sure if I need to register for trac to get his email).

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