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I am at the beginning of Fallout: New Vegas and am being attacked for apparently no reason by NCR rangers. I'm wearing a Leather Armor (not linked to any faction) so I don't understand how to make them stop (except for killing them, of course...).

Any suggestions?

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Check your pipboy to see how bad your relationship is with the NCR. If it is very bad, you may have to load to a much earlier point. If it is not so bad however, you can try to resolve the situation by gaining a bit of positive fame. The quest from ranger Andy is very simple, involves killing a couple of legion guys, and gives a bit of fame.

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Find out your relationship with the NCR, as a poor reputation can cause them to attack you.

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Thanks guys. I finally figured out that the NCR kept attacking me because of a bug related to wearing faction armor.

Look here for more info about that.

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