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EM Armor Compensation

To active armor hardeners: 3% bonus per skill level to Armor EM resistance when the modules are not active To passive armor hardeners: 5% bonus per skill level to Armor EM resistance.

would that mean that an active hardner gives 0.03*0.55 = 1.65% resistance if its not active? or rather just give 3% resistance if you have them but not use them?

and for the passive ones, is this a bonus like 20%res * 1.05 => 21%res for your armor?

the descriptions got me confused.

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While inactive, active hardeners receive a 300 basis point boost to their resistance stat, so at level 1 they will provide 3%, level 2: 6%, level 3: 9%, and so on (it seems like going from 0 to 1 only gives you a 200 bp bonus). The compensation skills do nothing while the module is active (as the skill says).

Passive hardeners (resistance plating) receive a relative 5% boost per skill level, so with T1 plating it will be a total boost of 20% * 5% = 1% per skill level.

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seems i was right there. thanks for clearing it up. – Andy Apr 5 '11 at 22:21

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