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I just saw a glitch that turned out to be a feature. The collectible items icons where visible from much farther that usual and the range of the minimap was larger. I liked it so much!, but it only happened for the military base I was at the moment...
I'm going for 100% completion and sometimes it's very boring to have to sweep an area on foot just to find a missing package/small destructible.

Is there any mod that could make the life easier with this? I couldn't find anything at

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Oh, man, is it ever annoying to search for the last collectible in a huge city or military base while dozens of Panauan soldiers fire at you... – Ragnar Apr 8 '11 at 6:07
One word: Nuke! – The Disintegrator Apr 8 '11 at 7:47

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It's not a mod, but you can load your save game into a map viewer and determine exactly what you need to find and where it is.

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Unfortunately modding for Just Cause 2 is really difficult due to missing tools and SDK. This is probably the reason why the mod you ask for is still not available and probably it will never be.

I hope that for Just Cause 3 they will add more possibilities for modders.

But if it can help, I can say that when I bought the 'Black Market' Aerial Pack DLC that contains the cool Dual Parachute Thrusters my efficiency in researching collectibles has improved a lot. Thanks to the high maneuverability and the possibility to stay at a good height is really easier find that dammed last crate that you never found.

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