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If it's some, but not all, which ones (other than the early GH games which have no singing)?

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maybe I should go home and jump on my xbox to find out ;-) – senloe Jul 7 '10 at 20:06
possible duplicate of XBox 360 wireless microphone – Wipqozn Jun 25 '13 at 22:11
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Yes, as long as you have the latest Rock Band 2 title update -- this installs automatically if you're connected to Xbox Live.

Beatles Rock Band and Guitar Hero: Metallica were the first titles to support the wireless mic, anything released after that should support them out of the box as a matter of course.

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Guitar Hero 5 was the first Guitar Hero game with support for the Lips mics. Last I heard Rock Band 2 was getting the update to use Lips mics but I don't remember hearing if it actually came out or not.

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