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I've have had something like 12 kills in a round with VADS, still didn't get the pin. So which weapons do count for this pin?

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From the EA website, the following weapons are categorized as Stationary:

  • Heavy MG X312
  • Heavy MG Kord
  • Stationary AT Korn
  • Anti-Ait Gun ZU23

As they are not really up to date on their websites as always, expansions may add other weapons to the list.

Stationary weapons

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awkward, this list doesn't include TOW, XM307, QLZ8 nor VADS – vartec Apr 13 '11 at 19:15
@vartec I also found the list quite small but it's what is displayed on the EA website. Anyway, as I said, they are not really recognized for having their websites up-to-date... – LudoMC Apr 14 '11 at 7:24

I gained this pin achievement and other pin related achievements by using the mounted MGs -- particularly, especially the shielded MG next to objective B in Nelson Bay.

It great to cover all enemy's approaches, resulting in a high numbers of kills.

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