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When I try to start a match in Digital Paint: Paintball 2 I get a huge amount of error messages after I click 'Start Game'.
The error message is:

SZ_GetSpace: overflow
WARNING: msg overflowed for x3m157

(x3m157 is my username). Any idea what is causing this? The map I'm trying to load is pball_shred. Thanks!

EDIT: After I do this, if I press ESC to get back to the main menu and click 'Join Game', the game I tried to start shows up on the list, but when I try to join, I get the same error messages

EDIT #2: This doesn't change if I change the map that I am trying to have the match on.
The elim time does not affect anything either. I have started a bounty in the hope of getting an answer to this annoying problem. (if you get the Tumbleweed badge, you know something's wrong :)

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OK, I posted my question on the DigitalPaint forum and I got an answer (from jitspoe himself :)
Here is a link to the post on DigitalPaint.

The problem was I was trying to load to many grenades. I changed the number of grens and it worked.

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