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During a game that I love to play (League of Legends), if you are running the game through the Steam interface, the notifications appear at the bottom right hand corner and cover a vital part of the interface (the map).

Is there a way to change where these notifications appear?

THis is the contents of my steamscheme.res file:

// old-style vgui description file
// currently used only for the BaseSettings, Colors LayoutTemplates and Fonts sections

actually, that's all I'll paste...maybe the file has changed according to that message?

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Interestingly, not all games use the bottom right corner. For whatever reason, Torchlight uses the top left. –  Raven Dreamer Apr 14 '11 at 23:59

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You can select the default position of the popup by editing the file resource/styles/gameoverlay.styles in the Steam directory and searching for the Notifications.PanelPosition variable. Possible values are BottomRight, BottomLeft, TopRight and TopLeft.

Note though that the default position can be overridden by the game. In which case, unless the developers have included an option to configure it, you're at a loss.

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it's a non steam game, so i presume they couldn't override it...they hopefully wouldn't have gone that position by choice...thanks again, worked perfectly! –  davidsleeps Apr 15 '11 at 7:20
You're welcome. Yes, only game distributed by Steam can change the position of the overlay (in fact, only game using steamworks). –  Sylvain Defresne Apr 15 '11 at 7:30
Ah ok, I assumed it was a native Steam game :) –  Alex Apr 15 '11 at 8:01

You can change it for your system but not currently for specific games.

You need to find the SteamScheme.res file in the resource folder (within your main Steam folder) and search for "Notifications.PanelPosition" (I think that's correct - if not, search for "Notification" and I'm sure you'll find it). It's defaulted to "BottomRight", you can change it to "TopRight" and so on. Don't think you can make it any more specific than that, though.

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Thanks @Alex, but I was not able to find this entry...I'll edit my Q to contain my steamscheme.res file...the only search searching for "notif" was "NotificationBodyText"...would I have to add this line in somewhere? –  davidsleeps Apr 14 '11 at 23:26

Most Effective way to do this: https://www.mediafire.com/?ddzpgvudu2mxwmd It has the same function as Sylvain's solution but enables you to switch between all four corners through the steam settings and will persist through a steam update as these files don't get overwritten.

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Could you explain what that package does? Link-only answers, particularly those that make someone download something (that could hide a virus for instance), are generally frowned upon. –  Doktoro Reichard May 9 at 2:53
Sure Its a Zip with 3 steam skins inside, each one only changes which corner the overlay appears on nothing else is changed. These can be changed on the fly in the steam settings ill dump the readme :). –  TrigrH May 9 at 7:21
File updated, now works in-game not just on steam desktop, whoops. –  TrigrH May 9 at 8:13

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