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They are the only nuisance one cannot turn off in sandbox mode... I know not to accept Nostros, so the trouble is most likely restricted to Memaus infecting peeps.

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+1 for Startopia :) But unfortunately I can't help with the question. Sorry, but I have a feeling you can only make their appearance very rare. – DMA57361 Jul 20 '10 at 20:05
actually... I've got a possible answer for you after all (already posted) - you've managed to spark my nostalgia enough to go digging in my file archive for old mods to read over... – DMA57361 Jul 20 '10 at 20:36

From your link here you can adjust the mood_in00.txt to make Skrashers less of an issue.


Find the default mood, MOOD_INC_DEFAULT and set the body value for (Spawn) to something like -8000. They'll lose health at a massive rate.


Find the mood entries MOOD_AT_BIRTH and MOOD_AT_BIRTH2 and set the body value for (Spawn) to about 500 in each case. They'll spawn with almost no health. The two values represent a min/max for random selection so setting them both low is vital for this trick to work.


Skrashers spawn with a tiny amount of health that fades away almost instantly so they die straight after appearing...

I've not actually tried this as I don't want to try and find and install the game, but this answer is based off previous experience (it was like 8 years ago now though..) and from browsing through my mods in my old file archive and looking over the files I've kept in there...
I'm hoping it's pretty accurate.

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Not a real answer to your question, I admit, but they've never been a real problem for me.

Just build lots of Scuzzers Mk II or III (really cheap after researching them properly) and a Recycler every few sections. With the e the Recycler extracts from the garbage, they pretty much pay for themselves.

Also place lots of Litter Bins, in particular next to everything that produces garbage.

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thanks, I know these tactics, but at a certain point the station just gets too big for the Scuzzer AI to make it :( – Zommuter Jan 9 '11 at 21:06
@Tobias Really? I never seemed to have this problem either. But then again, I didn't play sandbox so maybe my mission was always completed when I got to the point where it would have been a problem. – Cort Jan 11 '11 at 13:24

I found the MEMAU_TARGET_LEVEL setting, described here, but still sometimes Skrashers show up.

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