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What kind of Materia is falling from Aeris' hair while in the Forgotten Capital?

Is it possible to catch that materia? How?

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That is the White Materia, used for Holy, the most powerful White magic in the game.

It plays an important role in the plot so the plot summary is in the spoiler below. If you want more spoilers, the plot related to it can be hound here on the FF wiki

The White Materia is used to summon Holy. This is the only power capable of stopping Meteor, which was summoned by Sephiroth using the Black Materia. Aerith goes to the Forgotten Capital to pray to Holy, but is killed by Sephiroth. It turns out that she did successfully summon Holy, but Sephiroth is preventing it taking effect. You kill Sephiroth, Holy emerges, but Meteor is too close to be stopped by Holy alone. The Lifestream is used to push Meteor back, allowing Holy to destroy it.

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Wow. I don't remember that much detail in the plot of FFVII. Either I didn't notice it (quite possible), it got lost in translation or it wasn't in the original game. Maybe I should play it again. – Greg Jul 15 '10 at 11:30
Ehi, thank you! Great resources following that link. – dag729 Jul 15 '10 at 12:16
@Greg the information is definitly there, but its very 'in between the lines' in some places. multiple playthroughs are definitly recommended to understand the entire story. – Ender Sep 9 '12 at 17:59

It is the White Materia. If you recall, when you first met Aeris, she said that she had a materia that was good for absolutely nothing (ironic, eh?). This is that materia and no, there is no way to get it for yourself. Though it does come back into the game later on in a way (and you still don't get to have it then, but that is okay).

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