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I am able to sign in on xbox live and hotmail using the same credentials I am entering in the "games for windows marketplace" application. However, I get an error code 80048882 with the details being Exception of type 'Microsoft.GamesForWindows.XLiveServices.LiveIdWrapper.IDCRLException' was thrown. I have added the application to my firewall. Any ideas what causes this?

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I don't know what the problem was, but it went away after I switched to my home network. I was earlier behind a corporate firewall(which closes everything except port 80, i think) and a proxy. Not sure what was responsible, but it seems the error was due to connectivity problems.

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For error:

Exception of type 'Microsoft.GamesForWindows.XLiveServices.LiveIdWrapper.IDCRLException' was thrown.


netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

in the Command Prompt shell, and then press the Enter key and restart the PC.

Warning The netsh int ip reset command will reset all IP information, default gateway information, and DNS server information. Before you restart the computer after you run this command, you must configure your TCP/IP settings. Otherwise, you may not be able to connect to the computer remotely.

An addendum to the solution: Add the games exe to your Firewall exclusions list (Win XP/ Win Vista), and forward the following ports:

UDP 88

UDP 3074

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