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There are two characters in Portal 2 co-op: Atlas and P-Body, but there appears to not be a character selection screen before you start playing.

Are the characters randomly assigned to each player or is it based on something else?

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At the moment it is not really possible choose the robot. The player that hosts the game is automatically assigned Atlas, the friend that joins the game has P-Body instead.

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Here's what I saw: I hosted the first game with my friend. I was assigned Atlas, she was P-Body. The next time, she invited me. Again, I was Atlas and she was P-Body. The third time, I invited her. Same result: I had Atlas, she had P-Body.

My guess is that, the first time you play with someone, the inviter is given Atlas and the invitee is given P-Body. Upon subsequent plays with the same person, each keeps the same robot no matter who initiates.

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I swapped from P-body to Atlas when they hoasted first and me second (it was the same person.) –  Ronan Forman Apr 21 '11 at 22:56

I played with my brother on ps3 and me on PC. First he was atlas and I had Pbody and I was hosting. Later he tried on PC and me still on PC. At that time he invited me and I got Atlas instead of Pbody. Went back to title screen and I invited him now and I got Pbody like before.

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