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Since 1.5 old rules for safe sleeping are no longer working. What are the new rules?

With the addition of weather, sleeping in bed is much more important and old rules for safe placements of beds no longer work (mob always spawns when sleeping is attempted).

I can't find any information about the new rules.

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Uh, what exactly changed? I just used a bed that was in a safe spot (lit building), and nothing spawned on me. (The bed was at least 5 blocks from any external wall, also). – Cyclops Apr 21 '11 at 18:47
@Cyclops Well, before 1.5 it was just 1 block from any wall. I will try 5. – Let_Me_Be Apr 21 '11 at 18:56
@Let_Me_Be: Mine's touching a wall, just flipped and I can sleep fine. I don't see anything on the wiki's version history page that mentions bed changes either. Maybe it has something to do with transparent materials or steps near your bed that are now acting as solid objects? – Ullallulloo Apr 21 '11 at 19:09
Uh-oh, stair blocks are no longer transparent? So they can spawn mobs? That could explain a few... surprises I got on the way to test beds... – Cyclops Apr 21 '11 at 19:57
@Let_Me_Be - The rule of thumb I always saw was 'there must be at least a two block buffer in all directions where mobs can't spawn', ie if it's next to a wall, the wall has to be two blocks thick, otherwise it needs to be at least a block from any 1-thick wall. (I haven't upgraded yet so I can't claim to have tested this; too busy playing Portal 2.) – Shinrai Apr 21 '11 at 20:19
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After extensive testing I have found out that the problem is with the level on which the door is in relation to the surrounding. Each door needs to have at least 4 blocks in each direction on the same level as the door itself.


0,1 - ground levels, X - wall, B - bed, D - door

enter image description here

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Seriously? Man...this is going to require some renovations to my tunnel entrance. – REDace0 May 4 '11 at 5:27
@Robert New tests show that it is indeed the doors, but the problem seems to be elsewhere. This doesn't help always. Still testing. – Let_Me_Be May 4 '11 at 8:14
Adding more flat space behind my doors did keep me safe for one night. Thanks for your testing. I'm going to provide a link to this on the GetSatisfaction bug page. – REDace0 May 4 '11 at 13:57

I dug myself a tunnel into a huge rock formation, cleared out a small 3x3 room, lit it, and put down my bed, and was able to successfully sleep there. It looked like so:

### . ###
D.  BB###
### . ###

#= Wall, D=Door, .=Torch, B=Bed

The tunnel/doorway are 2 blocks high, and the 3x3 "room" is also 3 blocks high. The three torches are probably overkill, but I wanted to make sure it was brightly lit :)

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