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OK, so the above video is a guy playing through This is the part where he kills us... Initially, the guy does the proper thing, and portals through the opening provided by the lunar paint to make his escape from the platform. I thought that'd be that, but he returns when Wheatley implores to player to go back to the platform, and then Wheatley gives some hilarious dialogue about "resetting the death trap", asking us to "jump into the pit", and acting surprised when the girl actually does do so.

My question is: Are there any other such funny/humorous/interesting bits of dialogue, any events really, that one can find in Portal 2 when one strays off the beaten path? I'd like to through them for myself...

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Any time where you get told to do something usually has additional dialogue if you don't do it immediately. Although this isn't really "hidden" dialogue in the same way as the above is. – DMA57361 Apr 26 '11 at 19:06
There's even more dialogue if you wait even longer. Even a bit about a French jumpsuit and boybands. – user56 Apr 26 '11 at 20:26
There are also hidden dialogues anywhere you'd unlock a hidden achievement. – user2974 Apr 26 '11 at 21:24
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Some hidden dialog is triggered when you get the "Good Listener" achievement. Then, at the end of the game, each of the cores you pick up have loads of dialog. The final turret dialog can also be considered hidden, since it requires translation.

Wheatley has tons to say, if you hang around long enough to listen to him. Sometimes you just have to wait around, and other times you need to interact with the environment.

Some of the better easter eggs, however, don't necessarily contain dialog, but play weird sounds or show you secret places.

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In addition, there's sometimes extra dialogue based around having already heard some dialogue; the Adventure Sphere will, eventually, suggest you set up a 'zinger' for him. When you attach him, he'll remind you, and when given the opportunity, the Adventure Sphere will chime in with his pre-prepared comeback. – Merus Apr 27 '11 at 7:13

Most of the sound files from the game have been uploaded to YouTube by various people:

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See Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2\resource\subtitles_english.txt for all dialogs in the game, there are quite a lot of them and their corresponding sound file names are listed.

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