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I've created a WoW guild last night, and I'm using all avail. guild ranks.

Guild leader
"real friends"
guild member rank 2
guild member rank 3
guild member rank 4
guild member rank 5

Now, where do I set up user rights? I want my XO and "real friends" to be able to invite others and talk in /officer. And where do i set up guild bank settings? for now i just want it to be so that only one tab is withdrawable and the others are strictly under my control (for now). no money withdrawal

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Setting up user ranks can be done by clicking the Guild Control button on the Info tab. There's a drop-down up the top:

  • Guild Permissions lets you set what ranks can invite, talk in /guild and /officer, and withdraw money from the guild bank for repairs and personal use.
  • Bank Tab Permissions lets you configure what ranks have access to what tabs.
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I must be blind, did not see that. Thank you! – Jason94 Apr 27 '11 at 8:31

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