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Although I am playing on normal difficulty, I am almost always running low on money, and the ammo I find I have to spend on killing stuff.

I do and will not have the DLC Ranger Pack, and cheating is out of the question.

Is there a way to get rich more easily?

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Any reason on the downvote? I could improve on my question, if you tell me where or how. – DrFish Apr 27 '11 at 19:15
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Exploit, not a glitch or anything. Ranger pack DLC is REQUIRED.

First off, when fighting the first bandits with Bourbon, next to their Campfire you will find a bunch of ammo and more importantly a Volt Driver. Pick up this volt driver now. When you get to the Market, sell it for either the Auto Shotty or the Thar with Scope.Either works. Now, continue playing until you find yourself in Andrew the Blacksmith's room. On his bed will be a Volt Driver, the Heavy Auto Shotty and some Shotgun ammo. Ignore these and go to the weapon stall in the middle of the merchants. Sell the Thar/Shotty for a DOUBLE BARREL Shotgun. Then return to Andrew's bed, pick up the Heavy shotgun or the volt driver, whichever you don't want, and return to the merchant. Sell this weapon for ANOTHER Double Barrel shotgun. Now, you can either keep the remaining weapon for your own personal use, or sell it for yet ANOTHER Double Barrel shotgun. If you do the latter, you can soon swap out the double barrel for an Automatic+Bayonet Shotgun in the Front Lines. it's down a flight of stairs near the Wounded tent behind Communist front lines, on top of a pipe beside a corpse. Now, continue through with this until you are inside the station past the Defense chapter. Up a flight of stairs just on the inside of the first radiation hotzone, to the left, is a dead body with a Helsing, pick that up and sell it once you've delivered Sasha to safety, for another Automatic Shotgun w/ Bayonet. Continue playing until you reach the Black Station, now. Inside of a bus near a Patrol (somewhere close to the Generator) you will find a Helsing. Pick that up and keep it until you reach Polis, where you can yet again sell it for an Automatic Shotgun w/ Bayonet. Once through with the Library you can pick a Volt Driver or Heavy Automatic shotgun to actually play with through the rest of the campaign, as Polis was the last station with an available trader and Ammo exchange Kiosk. This little trick makes using Ranger Hardcore mode unbelievably fun, as you no longer run out of ammo entirely, though still feel like its rare.


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I do not have the Ranger pack, and am not planning to buy it. Any other suggestions? – DrFish Apr 27 '11 at 19:16
Are you OK with cheats, then? – Ragnar Apr 28 '11 at 6:09
Sorry that you couldn't get a better answer. :-( – Ragnar May 24 '11 at 6:16

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