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Sometimes I stumble upon a preview of a game that looks nice but doesn't have a fixed release date. As I don't follow too closely new releases, I end up forgetting about it and never playing the game. Is there a website that allows registering to get an e-mail notification when specific games get released? Ideally, the website should quickly add newly announced games to their database and include XBLA/PSN/WiiWare games. Indie games would also be nice. Do some of the big sites like IGN, GameSpot, GameTrailers, etc. offer this feature?

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What I do is just add the game marker to my amazon cart. For big name games the page is often there months in advance, often before a hard day is set. Another option is to add it to something like www.whimventory.com (not actually a bookmark site, but I find it very useful). Still not the perfect solution, but it works for me. –  Mechko Apr 28 '11 at 2:35
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When It Drops is a site that lists new release of not only games, but DVDs, Movies, Music, and Books. It's a tumblr site, so you can follow along in your dashboard if you're a tumblr user as well.

They also offer an RSS feed if you use RSS.

If you're specifically looking for e-mail notifications, you could tie it in with a service like ifttt (currently invite-only, but I was invited pretty quickly) to fire you an email every time the RSS feed updates.

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Cool site, though a built-in alert feature would be a great addition. I think that's my best bet for now. –  Trillian Apr 28 '11 at 12:55
i follow it to keep abreast of new releases 'in general,' but for any release i really want to track, i have a separate calendar in iCal for games releases. i'll create an all-day event for games, and can set an email notification for when it's coming up. not quite automatic, and requires a bit of work on your end, though. –  Gauzy Apr 28 '11 at 22:35
While valid at the time of answer, this is no longer valid. The site is no longer active, and their blog, blog.whenitdrops.com does not appear to be actively updated any longer. –  Doozer Blake Sep 4 '11 at 21:48
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