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Some of them where pretty hilarious, and I'm wondering if they are randomly created, or specific to the staff listed? If they aren't random, is there a list somewhere?

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They are randomly generated.

And here's a great news for you. I've created a little webpage for generating the same exact names that are found on Portal 2 Coop end credits. See (refresh to get a new job title). It is a REST service so you guys can actually use it for your own apps or you can also get the source code in PHP.

Where you can find the list:

Inside XYZ:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2\scripts\vscripts\credits\credits_coop.nut there is a section that contains job prefixes, middle and suffixes:

JobPrefix <- [

JobMiddle <- [
"Deep Sea",

JobSuffix <- [

And on line 639 of that same file, there is the script that randomly generates the job title:

// send off a random job title  
EntFire( "@command", "Command", "coop_set_credits_jobtitle " + "\"" + JobPrefix[RandomInt( 0, JobPrefix.len()-1 )] + " " +  JobMiddle[RandomInt( 0, JobMiddle.len()-1 )] + " " + JobSuffix[RandomInt( 0, JobSuffix.len()-1 )] + " <<\"", 0)
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