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I was looking to host a public dedicated CoD server with a hosting provider but worried about the hosting costs and how much costs I will be able to recover. Some people are saying that I should check if a linux version of the game is available. Yeah that would definitely save hosting costs involved with Microsoft. So, is there a Linux version of every version of CoD? Where can I get them?

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which call of duty? i did find this site which purports to have links to download and (unofficial) linux server for CoD4 - it will require some windows files from the CD.

pardon my ignorance regarding the later games, but do they have separate windows server applications that could be used with something like WINE?

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I assume that he means the first one. – Ullallulloo Apr 30 '11 at 22:56

Which game of CoD series are you talking about? And are you talking about official software?

For Black Ops Activision has signed exclusive deal with That's the only place where you can host Black Ops server.

For Modern Warfare 2 there is no official dedicated server software at all.

Of course there are hacked version of both.

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Piracy is never a resort. In this case ignoring the game is better. – user28015 Feb 1 '13 at 16:47

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