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In the mission "Proving Grounds" of Freespace 2's base campaign, there's this one middle-class enemy ship that flies in, designation "Tiamat". And,'s a pain to destroy. The game insists that I have to stay within scanning range of the ship in order for my allied ship to fire its lasers at the Tiamat, but on one test run I spent the entire mission inside this nice little cove where one of its subsystems was conveniently located firing torpedos into its hull. If that's not proximity, I don't know what is.

Here's a diagram representing my woes:

|      |===============\________________________
|      |===============/|                      |
|      |                | __                   |
|______|                | |_| ME (practically  |
                        |________inside ship)__|

Is there some kind of trick I'm missing here or something? How do I destroy the Tiamat?

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Once the second part of the test is about to begin, a group of Shivan fighters (Mara) will jump in ... time for some real action. A bit later the Taurus group will jump in. These are bombers, so intercept them and their bombs first! They pose a serious threat to the Aquitaine. By the time you have taken them out a corvette will jump in (Tiamat) ... destroy it first! Target the beam turrets, so it doesn't inflict much damage to the Aquitaine. Then go for whichever weapon system you want ... I usually go for the flaks or missile launchers first, but tend to pick off a laser here and there as the opportunity arises. Remember that you have to keep close to the Tiamat in order to get help from the Aquitaine. Your sensors allow the Aquitaine to open fire. Once the Tiamat is destroyed (or jumped out) take care off the remaining fighters.


I don't think you're supposed to be in it. Just keep a close range. Either way, you don't get the "Order of Galatea" medal for destroying the Tiamat, you get it for keeping Aquitaine's hull above 51%, if I remember correctly.

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No. You can't destroy the Tiamat on your own. You do not have any weapons that have the "Huge" flag in the mission, which are required to damage ships above Cruiser size beyond a certain hull damage (can't remember the threshold).

To destroy the Tiamat, you need the Aquitaine to do so with its anti capship beams or huge (blob) turrets.

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