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I've been beating the test your might from the challenge tower with no problems up till the last two. The technique I used is to tap all 4 buttons with my thumb and first 3 fingers. Once the meter overshoots the mark, I hit the bumper button.

This technique is not working so well on the last 2 challenges. Are there any hints on how to beat them? I'm playing on the PS3.

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I had to put the contollre upside down on my coffee table, and use three fingers and a thumb and mash as quick as I could. Then used my knee to hit the trigger.

Yes, I'm serious...

Far easier is if you have a fight stick. You can happy hit all the buttons you need at once. I bought a fight stick for MK and the TYM challenges are a breeze.

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I wait until the counter is at 4 or 5 (so I don't get sweaty) and vibrate my thumb (not too fast, otherwise it won't register) for 3 seconds. I try to get near the ring, and I speed up at the last second; the clock strikes for you and Bob's your uncle!

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I hold my controller almost sideways with my right hand on the right side (I'm right handed) and grip my left hand over the right bumper and trigger and spam a,b,y or x with both thumbs until its over the line then I press the right trigger (I did beat the last level using this method).

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I used my index and middle fingers (two buttons each finger) to tap as quickly as posible, make sure you make it to the mark quickly, or else you'll start to get tired.

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