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Godville is what's known as a ZPG (Zero Player Game) - it's a MMORPG where you - the player - don't actually control the hero in typical RPG way - the hero levels up without player doing any work. The player just sits around and rewards/punishers the hero.

There appear to be two very similar versions of Godville around - an English one ( and a Russian one (

As can be seen from the above screenshots, the two versions seem to be very close, apparently using nearly identical web back-ends (and there are even Andorid clients that can play both).

Please note that content-wise, they are somewhat different - Russian one is nearly 100% culture tropes and puns whereas English one seems to be more standard RPG content.

The question: what is the exact relationship (organizational and software wise) between both games?

  • is it really the same exact game ported by the same company to two different markets?

  • or is one of them an authorized clone using the same exact software (or starting off from the same software - there seem to be some divergent features) as the original;

  • or is one just an unauthorized clone of another?

  • Some other option I didn't think of?

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I think they're the same and the differences in content can be explained by translation. – Adam Lear Sep 11 '11 at 21:53
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They're the same game - the publisher is the same in the Android market: Godville Games Limited.

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I agree - it seems I was confused by slightly different web/Android GUIs which was merely due to released version differences that have since been synced. – DVK Sep 12 '11 at 10:01

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