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Is it worth the extra cost and time it'll take to complete Dragon Age Origins? Is there that much back-story I'll miss out on in Dragon Age 2?

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You should just skip Dragon Age 2 and pretend like it never happened. – ChaseC Apr 28 '15 at 18:36
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From what I've heard, there isn't much impact on Dragon Age 2 from DAO. The story takes place in a different part of the world, and there are only a few side characters that carry over at all, none of which are in your party. So from just the standpoint of enjoying DA2, I'd say no.

On the other hand, DAO is a great game, and DA2 has been getting pretty mediocre reviews, so one could make the argument that you should play DAO first just because it is a better game for less money. =)

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+1 for DAO. Plus, spend nearly 60 hours w/ all quests, vs DA2's 25 or so; both were "vanilla" versions. Also, the story of DAO actually makes sense. – Edwin Apr 26 '12 at 19:53

While it's true much of what you do in Dragon Age II isn't directly connected to the plot of Dragon Age: Origins, the game assumes you are familiar with the setting established in Dragon Age: Origins so much so that it completely glosses over a ton of exposition which serves to give meaning to the motivations of the main character and the overall story.

That is, if you don't play Dragon Age: Origins, you're going to find yourself asking "Who cares?" more often than not while the plot unfolds. Dragon Age II will give you the CliffsNotes version of a plot element, but the background behind that plot element is fully explored in Dragon Age: Origins.

Additionally, there's a ton of dialogue points in sidequests and with companions which make reference to the events of Dragon Age: Origins that'll be lost on the person who doesn't play it.

But perhaps the most important reason to play Dragon Age: Origins before Dragon Age II is that it's the better game. Dragon Age II has better gameplay and a much improved user interface, but it's not the Godfather II of the series. You'd be doing yourself a disservice by not playing Dragon Age: Origins in order to play Dragon Age II exclusively.

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It's definitely worth playing to get the background, as others have said, but if you're largely concerned about the saved file import you could use the Dragon Age Save Game Creator to generate a Warden to your liking. (Spoilers for DA:O, obviously, as the creator asks you for your decisions at key plot points.)

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When starting a new game in DA2 besides importing a save you will be able to choose one from some possible outcomes of DAO. Generally not playing DAO does not give you a chance to kill some characters and prevent them from appearing in optional quests in DA2. Besides that the plot in DA2 is independent as it concerns the main character and locations so the events in DAO do not contribute much to the development of DA2.

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Nope! It's not the like Bioware's Mass Effect series, where your actions matter. DA2 is a whole new story, and DA:O story has no significant impact on the DA2 story.

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Only if you are a bloodmage supporter like me and want to systematically take apart the Chantry from game to game since most of the chantries can be destroyed or abandoned in the games based on player choices.

The Dragon Age wiki Chantry page lists what the player must do to accomplish this.

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