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I'm stuck on the level "Waste disposal". I'd like some strategies to beat this level.

The previous level (Turnaround) required a lot of build-and-then-tear-down to turn the attackers back and keep them cycling around until you kill them. This "Waste disposal" level seems that it would permit such a tactic, but I have been unable to beat it that way.

I have gotten as far as the 25th and final wave, but with only one Core left. Pretty pathetic.

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Every level can be completed with all cores safe without the build-and-then-tear-down, as I've managed that myself. Not to say that it isn't a legitimate strategy, it's just not the only strategy. – Raven Dreamer May 19 '11 at 3:36
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This video provides an excellent way of getting a gold badge on this level. You have the right idea: you want to make them circle around, and one of the best areas to do so is right at the beginning.

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