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This link says that I can unlock these sets of armor by killing 100 Metal Slimes.

  • Is this true? I would have expected to find more than just the one reference to this unlockable.
  • Is there something else I have to do after killing the Metal Slimes?
  • Is it just the plain old Metal Slimes in the Quarantomb, or any Slime which is also Metal?
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I have killed well over 100 plain old Metal Slimes, and have not received any new equipment. – KatieK May 23 '11 at 17:58
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This is not possible using the information at the provided link.

I have killed well over 100 plain old metal slimes (and quite a few LMS, MKS and PKJ too). I have received no special outfits.

I suspect that there is no way to do this. [As always, if you have a different answer, post it. ;) ]

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Sounds like a phony "cheat" to me. The following guides have no mention of any sort of KH related armor:

Alchemy Recipe Guide:

Alchemy Item List:

Item Location Guide:

Item Farming Guide:

Safe to assume there's no way of obtaining those items ;).

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