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Jeff Atwood once wrote:

clicked again and again until finally I saw "You can accept an answer in 0 seconds".

For some reason when you said that I was thinking of this.

What meme to do with "Track and Field" by Konami is being referred to?

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As the Wikipedia page about the game explains, the game is about pressing buttons repeatedly:

  • 100 Meter Dash – Running by quickly alternating button presses.
  • Long jump – Running by alternating button press and correct timing for jump. Hold jump button to set angle.
  • Javelin throw – Running by alternating button presses and then using action button correct timing for angle (~42 degrees is optimal).
  • 110 Meter Hurdles – Running by alternating button presses and using action button to time hurdles
  • Hammer throw – Spinning initiated by pressing a run button once and then correctly timed press of action button to choose angle (45 is optimal).
  • High jump – Running (speed set by computer) and then action button must be held down to determine angle of jump. Once in the air, the run button can be rapidly pressed for additional height.

Well, what the asker of that Meta question did was...

clicked again and again until finally I saw "You can accept an answer in 0 seconds".

It's not a meme, but the analogy should be clear by now :)

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If you'd had the misfortune to play only the trackball version (IIRC those were the vast minority: virtually all the T&F machines I saw used buttons), then it would have made no sense at all! – Dave DuPlantis May 21 '11 at 15:20

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