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I needed some information out of someone so I had to out drink him. After a few mugs of ale, my vision started to blur and the room started to wobble, but he still wasn't ready to talk so I had a few more mugs. Eventually he caved, but by that time I was pretty far gone. Now I'm seeing double and stumbling all over the room. I'd hate to try to fight in this condition. What can I do to sober up? Will I get better over time, or is meditation the only option?

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The only option beside meditating is drinking a Wive's tears potion, you can create one using Rebis, Quebrith and Aether. If you don't have one you need to stumble to the nearest campfire.

You should always have a Wife's tears potion in your inventory, there are two story-related occasions where you have to get drunk and a few more optional ones.

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I have found through additional, er, experiments, that it actually is possible to sober up just through the passage of time. In that case I had just become intoxicated, and 30 minutes later it went away. – bwarner May 26 '11 at 13:44

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