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Tasteless is a great Starcraft commentator. Where can I find a list of all games that he's commented? I'm looking mainly for Starcraft videos.

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3 Answers 3 has all of his GSL VODs. Those are the some of the highest level games out there. You will need to buy a season pass to view all the games, but there are still plenty for free.

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He's casted more than GSL, though. – user7220 May 25 '11 at 13:23

Tasteless mostly casted GOM TV Starcraft leagues, but he first started casting WCG when he was eliminated by his brother Day[9]. You can most likely search up some history at pretty easily. You probably know his real name, Nick Plott.

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he was also casting at the last few Major League Gaming (MLG) tournaments. VOD's can found at under Pro Circuit VOD.

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