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I have Nethack on a flash drive so that I can easily play it on any computer. However, the game loads save files based on the characters name, and the username assigned to the account running the game.

For example, if I made a character "Crovax" and my username on a Windows machine was "Wiqozn" the game would create a save file called:


This is fine - except I can't load this save file by simply typing in my character name when prompted to by Nethack.

Is there a way to manually choose which file (saved game/character) to load so I can avoid this problem, and play my Nethack character from any machine?

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I've found that switching save games between my Windows and WinMo phone, the savegame name is different.

I would recommend making a dummy game on your target platform and seeing what the expected file name is, and then copy your real file and add the extra information.

For instance, on Windows, the filename is <win-username>-<Character-name>.Nethack-saved-game, as you say.

On my mobile version, however, the filename is nhsave-<Character-name>.Nethack-saved-game.

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I changed the name of the file so that the username was the same as the username I had on the computer and it worked. Thank you. – Wipqozn May 27 '11 at 15:20
Glad to be of service – espais May 30 '11 at 19:30

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