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There are many times that I did all the thing that I had needed to do and for the rest of game I just need to wait and watch the game will it ends. Isn't there any way to I could switch to another window and let the game continue?

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The game will not pause if you're on the greenhouse screen, although if you have the snail it will fall asleep and stop collecting coins after a while. –  Matthew Read May 28 '11 at 15:18

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With all of PopCap games, it's not possible. Their 'framework' includes pausing when away (ie window not focused). I agree it's inconvenient for these cases where you have to wait until the end of something.

Maybe one could make a tool to fake focus in Windows? It's technically feasible to make a program change the active window of the OS.

Anyway, I think you have to find applications that you can open before PvZ, and that you can use without focus (ie open a webpage on the available desktop space - as @Sorean said, more than one monitor helps).

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I can remember someone addressed this with a virtual machine using VMWare.

Not the best option, but it is possible anyway.

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Unfortunately no, it's an "active window" type of game where your current focus needs to be on that window. The second you click out of it, it will pause for you. Kind of a built in safety in case you click away at a key moment in time.

I hear what you're saying though, it does kind of suck that you can't. I find dual monitors helps a lot when I'm watching something else on the other screen (back when I used to play it).

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