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I'm hoping to buy Evil Genius, but I remember there being two patches (official and unoffical), each which only worked with some versions. Does anyone know where I can get a copy that's pre-patched or works with whichever patch is better?

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Sadly, the Steam version is version 1.0, not the 1.1 official or 1.2 unofficial patch. – user2974 May 29 '11 at 19:02
@Powerlord Can the Steam version be patched? – Andrew May 29 '11 at 19:18
up vote 7 down vote accepted's release comes pre-patched to 1.01. I successfully applied the unofficial patch to it without issue and completed the game with it.

There has been some confusion regarding the version actually being 1.01. However, contacted Rebellion who confirmed that it is indeed 1.01. There are more details on this in the linked thread.

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This is a really old question, but Rebellion outright lied about the Steam version being 1.01, so I doubt that the GOG version is either. (Oh hey, I said something like this from my old user2974 account too...) – Powerlord Feb 19 at 18:36

The Steam version has a patch available through their forums.

*This patch contains the following things:

  • All the files you would need from both the official US and EU Patch, carefully hand-picked and tested for use in the Steam version (also see: Readme.txt).
  • Contents of the freely available Bonus CD, which is not included in the Steam version.
  • Unofficial Patch 1.2, which was originally made for the non-Steam version (also see: Unofficial Patch 1.2.txt).*
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