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So I finally got my Squier Stratocaster and the Midi controller for Rock Band 3's Pro Mode and wanted to try the training mode. But I got welcomed by the message:

You must use the instrument associated with this Trainer.

While the last training I did was with the keytar, I was now controlling with the midi controller. Logging in with a second account through the keytar didn't help either.

So how can I switch to the correct trainer or make sure Rock Band 3 recognizes the correct instrument?

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Did you change the switch on the MIDI adapter to "G"? There's a switch on the top of the adapter to toggle it between drums, keyboard, & guitar.

enter image description here

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Nope, that turned out to be the case, I feel pretty stupid right now... – Ivo Flipse May 30 '11 at 16:12
Don't worry about it. My problem is that I routinely forget to flip the switch on the back of the Squier to turn the stupid thing on. (Just not a habit, since I don't need to turn any of my other guitars on.) – Josh Buhler May 31 '11 at 20:06

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