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Is there any way to move an NPC from one house to another in Terraria?

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In update 1.1 they added a toggle to have house management. This allows you to set houses to certain NPCS and check to see if a house you built is viable. You can also see what NPCS own a particular house.

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You would need to

  • Destroy his old house and build the other one (he will go to the new house when it becomes night if the distance isn't to far)

  • Destroy his old house and build the other one and hope that the same type (merchant, gun dealer etc.) will respawn

We once had 2 merchants; when we tried to get a Demolitionist, we killed 1 merchant and got another 1; after we killed that one, we finally got the Demolitionist.

P.S. You only need to hammer away the chair and table to destroy his house

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there is now a much easier way to do this in update 1.1, see my answer for details. – Skizzlefrits Dec 16 '11 at 18:58

If you click on the housing management icon
(the little house above the equipment slots)
you can then click on the banner for a living npc -
then click on the house you wish for them to occupy.

You may want to save and re-load the world,
if you don't want to wait for them to relocate themselves.

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