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What are the recommended system specs to run Steam games like Team Fortress 2 or Call of Duty?

Is a Macbook with 4 GB ram good enough?

Also, what internet speeds do you need to be able to play online?

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it depends on the games you play. But if the 4GB ram are native on your macbook (you have not added more ram then in the original configuration) I'm quite sure its gonna work pretty well for TF2 and CoD –  meo Jul 16 '10 at 18:13
Call of Duty series, at least, don't have an OS-X version (unless you're talking about Bootcamp, of course). –  happy_soil Jul 16 '10 at 20:22
The answer to this question will change as time passes, and the specs to run most games are listed on the Steam site. Downvoted. –  Mana Jul 16 '10 at 21:48

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I imagine it would depend greatly on the game you're playing - it being on Steam doesn't really change the system requirements. Your machine sounds capable though.

You can find system requirements for individual games by Googling, if not on the Steam site.

For most online games, just about any reasonable broadband connection should be fine if you're not using voice or other big bandwidth-consuming features. You might want a connection of at least 2Mbps (low) for voice.

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Before you purchase any games on Steam, you can view the minimum and recommended system requirements on the description page.

Steam will also occasionally offer demos and free weekends for select games, so you can try it out that way too. If the game you're interested in doesn't have any of those things, you can either judge based on the system requirements specified, or find a friend who owns the game and borrow it to see if it will run to your satisfaction.

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You really should view the minimum requirements on the game's page on Steam first. That being said, 4GB of RAM is plenty. You also will need a semi-decent video card to run them, as well as a semi-decent CPU.

For Internet speeds, I couldn't fathom playing a shooter on anything less than a 768kpbs DSL line. I use the max speed cable in my area myself.

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