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In Terraria, how much space is required for a fire imp to spawn/teleport? So far, I've kept my hellstone mine restrited to either 3 tiles high or 2 tiles wide, and I haven't had any trouble until I attempt to mine a large patch of hellstone. So what is the minimum required space for an imp? It must be more than 2x3.

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Fire Imps seem to require a target space of 4 blocks high by 3 blocks wide to teleport into a location.

From the Terraria Wiki

Just be sure to fill in some of the hellstone you mine to keep the imps from spawning.

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But don't you need to fill the area above the hell-stone and to the sides? Because if they just spawn there they can still annoy you... – Tom Wijsman Jun 11 '11 at 20:34

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