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I just got it from Vault 13 by helping deathclaws. I found Hakunin dying and telling about the raid but I don't get xp and quest isn't marked as done. Is there something wrong or do I need to do more stuff?

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You need to rescue the village as you can't very well give them the GECK if they aren't there.

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I assume that means "go on, it will be allright", right? – user1560 Jun 12 '11 at 14:49
pretty much, yup – Xantec Jun 12 '11 at 14:51

How to go about rescuing your tribe:

This is the scenario that you will encounter every time you locate the GECK, or if time runs out. You need to go to the Enclave and rescue your tribe at this point in order to beat the main quest. To do this, you must go to San Francisco, located at the bottom left corner of the map (along the coast). Here, you must find a way to get the tanker (large boat) operational. This requires fuel, a Navigational Chip, and a FOB. Once the tanker is operational, you can travel to The Enclave, where you can rescue your tribe. Rescuing your tribe and escaping The Enclave will complete the game and display the final cinematic showing the outcomes of the different locations in Fallout 2 based on what you quests you did or did not do. You get to keep playing the game as long as you want after completing this, however.

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