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I know that Dynamite can destroy Hellstone Bricks but not Hellstone Ore, and that Dynamite can destroy meteorite, ebonstone, and the suit of "uninteresting" (Stone/Dirt/Mud/Grass) blocks.

Is Hellstone Ore the only dynamite proof blocks, or are there others as well? (Dungeon Bricks perhaps, or obsidian?)

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You're obviously not using enough dynamite. ;) – CyberSkull Dec 7 '11 at 3:02
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As of 1.1.1, this is a complete list of all things immune to Dynamite (and Bombs, too):

  • Dungeon Bricks of any color
  • Any type of Chest (including Barrels and Trash Cans), even when empty
  • Demon Altars
  • Cobalt Ore
  • Mythril Ore
  • Adamantite Ore
  • Hellstone, but only before the Wall of Flesh is defeated

Additionally, unsafe background walls (such as natural Dirt or generated Dungeon Brick Walls) are immune, unless the explosion reaches the edge of (or a hole in) the wall.

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You might want to add the Lihzahrd bricks. – Tomáš Zato Jun 30 at 13:05

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