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I'm trying to max-out my number of studs, what are some great places to gain loads of studs in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, and what is the actual stud limit for that matter. (I already have all of the multipliers, stud magnet etc.)

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I don't know about the best way to get studs, but the way my son and I did it was to go to Episode V, and to the level with the Millennium Falcon. You have to have the "Poo Money" unlock, and it really helps to have the unlock which makes your radius to collect studs much larger. There's a path that gets outside Hoth base (just a small area, and it doesn't lead anywhere). There are two Tauntauns there. Each player (or one player with a remote in each hand) can both get onto a Tauntaun. Arrange the Tauntauns so that their tails are touching, backed up next to each other. Then just keep hitting the button, and collect each other's studs.

I did this for a half hour while I watched TV (with the Wii in a picture-in-picture) until I had enough money to buy the next stud multiplier, and then did it again, and again.

The stud limit is 4 billion.

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Nice thinking of getting each others pooed studs, and minimizing the downtime. –  alexanderpas Jul 19 '10 at 7:49

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